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Thank you for visiting my website. I have now been a Kentucky State Representative in Lexington, Kentucky for 21 years. I firmly believe in “Government of the People, By the People, For the People” of Kentucky.

There has obviously been a level of degradation of Civil Discourse across our country over the years, yet I still believe that true communication must go two directions in order to be effective.

I understand that, as a Legislator, I am a voice for many and understand the grave responsibilities placed on my shoulders to shape communities and lives beyond the 79th District boundaries. After all this time, there is still so much to do. I hope you will find this to be a website filled with helpful information that demonstrates how I have done more than “just take up space.”

The Accomplishments and Bills will provide a historical perspective of my years in service, demonstrating my ability to be an effective Legislator. You will find editorials and press coverage of much of my work as I tackled some pretty glorious topics dealing with children and horse issues, as well as sensitive topics such as Smoke Free Kentucky and Government Corruption.

This website would not be complete without the identifying legislation in which I was the Principal Sponsor or worked with a colleague as the Principal Co-sponsor.

I would not trade this experience for the world, and I hope you will understand, by devouring this site, how important the legislative process is.

Susan Westrom Vision

My Vision is not too original. I just want a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” I have been investigating this topic for 21 years now and do not like at all what I am witnessing.

Our members of the Kentucky General Assembly have the power to change the Rule of Law. In my eyes, that means that this “body of Lawmakers” should be transparent and welcoming to the public with a keen interest in Civil Discourse. Instead, within the past four years, I have witnessed shameful, bullying behavior at our State Capitol.

I saw an elected Governor have Kentucky citizens thrown out of our Capitol while part of our legislative “Leadership” remained silent.

I watched and listened with disbelief during the 2019 Session as a Freshman Legislator shared comments on the House Chamber floor while a Freshman member of the “other party” stood up, turned around, and on camera told him to “shut up.”

This is not part of my Vision. My Vision means treating others as we wish to be treated. It also means being secure in the knowledge that there are no Lawmakers who are bought and paid for — which includes knowing that no member is “employed” as a “consultant” to an “obscure and unidentifiable employer” (this does not include the attorney client privilege).

Perhaps our Legislative Ethics Commission can tackle that, but then . . . I do not know who appoints our Legislative Ethics Commission!

In conclusion, my Vision is “government of the people, by the people, for the people” in Kentucky. That means:

  • Kentucky Lawmakers are transparent (meaning not shady) and welcoming to the Public.
  • Kentucky Lawmakers do not bully. They know our Capitol is open and owned by the people of Kentucky.
  • Kentucky Lawmakers understand and communicate by Rules of Civil Discourse.
  • Required Financial Disclosure provides no avenue to be “bought and paid” for by an entity that reaps the benefits. The Financial Disclosure Form does not leave the Public “guessing.”
  • There are no avenues for wealthy Industries to “pay to play” to get what they want in Kentucky.

There are a number of hard working and committed members of the General Assembly who share my Vision. And I bet they will not last as long in the trenches as I have unless they share my tough hide.

Again, my Vision is a Kentucky “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Is that too much to ask?

Our Mission is to Bring Change!
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